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Got a soccer ball and a spare 2 hours?

Think you have the skills to avoid water hazards and bunkers?

Then come and experience FootGolf - a new sport taking the world by storm!  

What is FootGolf?

FootGolf is a cross between soccer and golf, is hugely fun and can be played by all ages. All you need is a soccer ball!  

FootGolf uses the basic model of golf with a teebox, a green, bunkers, hazards and 9 or 18 holes of play. The challenge is for players to kick a soccer ball into an oversized cup in the least amount of kicks as possible while avoiding typical golf course hazards such as bunkers, trees and water!

Where can I play FootGolf?

Orlando's newest FootGolf course is coming soon!!

Check out for more information.

Interested in a FootGolf family event or playing in a FootGolf league or tournament? Check out Central Florida FootGolf's website for events happening in your area at